Diaphragm meters

Diaphragm meters are displacement meters where the flow channels are designed to guarantee optimum flow conditions and a low pressure loss. All of the meters are approved for custody transfer measurement by the German PTB and to EN 1359 by German DVGW. They are suitable for measuring natural gas and a variety of technical gases at up to 0.5 bar. The approved gas temperature range is -20 °C to +50 °C. The diaphragm meters BK-G 1.6 up to G 100 are fitted with a pulse magnet as standard. This allows to retrofit a low-frequency pulser of the IN-Z61 type.
BK-G1.6 - BK-G6
These meters are available in co-axial or two-pipe versionsmás

BK-G10 - BK-G25
These compact meters are available in co-axial or two-pipe versions with a pressed steel housingmás

BK-G40, BK-G65, BK-G100
The BK-G40 K to BK-G100 meters are available in co-axial and two-pipe versionsmás

IN-Z61 is a retro-fittable Low Frequency (LF) pulser for all Elster-Instromet diaphragm gas meters BK-G1.6 to BK-G100más

The aluminum class AC-250 is the industry's most cost-effective gas meter for residential applications. It is unequaled for accuracy retention and for life cycle maintenance economies.más